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At Tellus Title Company we have the right team, the right idea, at the right time. Innovation in the Real Estate Industry needs to start at the most basic level and from there it can ripple into the rest of the ecosystem.


This is why a tech company became a title company and developed the Tellus Blockchain Protocol. 


With the evolution of Blockchain technology, we are bringing the latest advancements in technology to the real estate industry

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Mr. David Howie

CEO & Founder

David Howie is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tellus Title Company. With more than 15 years of real-estate brokerage and lending experience, Howie was at the helm of a mortgage firm during the 2008 Financial Crisis. This vantage point provided him a front row seat to the market meltdown and to events that helped launch the crypto movement. It also piqued his interest to learn more about the dynamics and underpinnings of capital markets. In 2012, Howie earned a Master of Science degree in Financial Analysis from the University of San Francisco, offering him a firm understanding of traditional finance and equity markets.

​In 2016 as the Chief Financial Officer of a real estate brokerage he cofounded a few years earlier, he searched for a method to automate workflows and distribute capital. He explored the concepts of blockchain, smart contracts, programmable money, distributed ledgers, and through that discovery process the idea of the Tellus Blockchain Protocol was conceived. With his in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and blockchain technology, Howie designed a geo-coded blockchain protocol in 2016 which currently is patent pending. His ground-breaking technology will establish an open-source, peer-to-peer information network, with the potential to revolutionize the real-estate industry.

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Mr. Mukesh Kumar


Kumar is passionate about simplifying the complexities of the business world with the proper balance of technology and leadership. After more than a decade juggling multiple corporate roles and building over a dozen products, Kumar found himself branded a “Customer Champion”, “Detail-oriented Engineer” and “Emotionally Intelligent Team Leader” by teammates and colleagues. Throughout his corporate journey, Kumar mastered the principles of lean-product management and lean-engineering to reduce product delivery costs by 25% and compress delivery cycle times by well over 300%. He accomplished these by utilizing techniques such as Test Driven Development, Dev-Ops Gated deployment and Test Automation in a rapidly-paced and dynamic environment. His unique way of listening to customers and understanding the essentials for developing innovative products gives him a distinct edge as he approaches new projects.

In early 2017, Mukesh was introduced to concept of blockchain. Since then, he has been committed to exploring possibilities this fascinating technology holds for the consumer world. In February 2018, Kumar and Howie met during a startup weekend workshop where Howie’s geocoded protocol was hatched and eventually transformed into Tellurium. Kumar’s expertise in product development coupled with Howie's extensive knowledge of real state provided the ideal combination of experience and skill sets to bring the blockchain real estate solution to life. As a proprietor of real estate ventures internationally, Kumar understands the wide chasm that exists among current land registry systems overseas. He is excited and committed to fill this gap and revolutionize the global real estate industry.

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Dan Deegan

GIS Specialist

Deegan is a GIS professional with extensive experience solving complex problems for utilities and municipalities. Championing a team-oriented approach to solving technical problems, Deegan is a detail-oriented data collector with a passion for GIS. Deegan is committed to expanding the capability and accessibility of GIS to increase efficiency and improve decision making for companies. His work involves the design and maintenance of geo-databases, including editor tracking, integrated quality control, data migration, and data integration. Deegan possesses advanced skills and knowledge of GIS software, including ArcMap 10.2.2, Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS Online, and Python scripting.

Deegan has a broad technical background. He holds a graduate certificate in GIS from Pennsylvania State University and has deepened his technical and industry knowledge through independent study in advanced ArcGIS applications, spatial analysis, cartography, and automating processes using Python.

Advisory Board

Wesley Williams

Legal Advisor

Williams has extensive title insurance and escrow experience, spanning well over 25 years. Throughout his professional career, Williams has worked in nearly every aspect of the title insurance industry, holding job titles from title searcher/examiner to title officer, and working in a variety of positions from claims and underwriting, to sales management.

This depth and breadth of industry knowledge accumulated over nearly three decades offers Williams a firm grasp of the past, present, and future direction of the real estate sector. Moreover, as regulations and compliance become increasingly important components of the title insurance industry, William’s expertise and deep industry knowledge provide the ideal mix of skill and acumen as Tellus navigates these unchartered waters. 

Lori Raineri, CIPMA, CFE

Board Member

Ms. Raineri is the founder and President of Government Financial Strategies. Since her company was founded in 1988, Government Financial Strategies has helped finance $10 billion dollars of public projects for over 300 different California public agencies across a wide variety of government sectors. Raineri currently sits on the California League of Bond Oversight Committee, and previously was a member of the National Association of Municipal Advisors.

Luis D Alvarado

Board Member

Alvarado is a seasoned investment professional, specializing in asset allocation strategy, economics, and portfolio construction. He has spent a decade producing investment research and constructing investing strategies for high-net-worth investors and private banking clients. Working both independently and as part of a team, Alvarado has a deep understanding of the investment process and how capital markets function. Alvarado earned a Master of Science degree in Financial Analysis from the University of San Francisco in 2012.

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