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Escrow Services

Escrow Services provided by Tellus Title Company will include secure encrypted payment transfers for the real estate industry in crypto and fiat currencies.

Backup & Storage

We offer free lifetime data storage of all of your escrow and

title documents in the cloud secured by your biometrics. Only

you can control who can access your escrow documents

now and forever.

Title Insurance

Real Estate Title Insurance provides protection from defects in title. With our innovative process, we have reduced the actuarial risk of title insurance with a geo-coded public Blockchain. Our methods reduce the probability of fraud which then reduces the cost of title insurance offering value to our clients and the real estate industry.


Tellus Title Company will pioneer a path to the utopian vision of self-executing escrows on the Blockchain. With smart contract technology and Blockchain technology, we will bring efficiencies to the industry not previously possible without the advent of distributed ledger technology.

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

At the real estate practitioner level, you can harness the power of blockchain technology and use our protocol that we have created so that there is no more redundancy in data manipulation in every step of the process. From data entry into the MLS to distribution of funds at closing. Much of this can be automated with smart contracts triggered by interacting nodes using the Tellus Blockchain Protocol moving a transaction forward with consensus amongst the interacting parties. 

At the consumer level we will lower the transactional costs of escrow and title insurance but more importantly, with our system, you are recording your property on the Blockchain. Once your property title is recorded on the Blockchain your proof of ownership is secured and tamper proof for generations to come in a decentralized database that creates an immutable public record of real property rights. 

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